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Out Laws

Guild Information
Blue Team is guild leader of Out Laws.
The guild was founded on Global-Nutella on 7 August 2020.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
the Leader
Blue Team
Elder Druid 10596 Offline
Phantom Squet
Elder Druid 8007 Offline
a Vice-Leader
Comandante Mx
Elder Druid 9605 Offline
Mia Khalifa
Royal Paladin 9165 Offline
Slash Takalyze
Elder Druid 14005 Offline
a Member
Alack Of Underworld
Elder Druid 8807 Offline
Albafika De Piscis
Elder Druid 6284 Offline
Elite Knight 10341 Offline
Apple Xx
Elite Knight 4404 Offline
Black Team
Elder Druid 5810 Offline
Bolt Nervosa
Royal Paladin 12362 Offline
Brown Team
Elder Druid 8301 Offline
Royal Paladin 5393 Offline
Royal Paladin 6025 Offline
Elite Knight 11410 Offline
Master Sorcerer 6770 Offline
Royal Paladin 14517 Offline
Fresota Cubano
Druid 3792 Offline
Master Sorcerer 7152 Offline
Her Striker
Elite Knight 7657 Offline
Royal Paladin 8185 Offline
Kagas Team
Elder Druid 8612 Offline
Elder Druid 4060 Offline
Legend Push
Elder Druid 4068 Offline
Lord Zavala
Sorcerer 6325 Offline
Luigy Bigger Team
Elder Druid 9130 Offline
Mago Con Pvp
Elder Druid 6370 Offline
Pally Baiakero
Paladin 4191 Offline
Pasteleiro Boladao
Elite Knight 12644 Online
Master Sorcerer 7389 Offline
Elder Druid 6163 Offline
Rp Dios
Royal Paladin 8525 Offline
Sex Apple
Elder Druid 8691 Offline
Thaimak Rp
Royal Paladin 8052 Offline
Tutifruti Team
Royal Paladin 8970 Offline
Yellow Team
Royal Paladin 6243 Offline
Zavala Rp
Royal Paladin 7507 Offline
Zavalin Ek
Elite Knight 8251 Offline

Invited Characters

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Players Online

Wailing Widow